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WP Statistics Overview Page

WP Statistics Overview Page gives you a quick summary of all the statistics available.

WP Statistics Overview Page

It contains several “widgets” to display information:
Summary Statistics, Browsers, Top referring sites, Top 10 Countries, About, Top visitors on the map, Hits Statistical Chart, Search Engine Referrals Statistical Chart, Latest Search Words, Top Pages Visited and Recent Visitors.


Each widget is comprised of a header bar and a statistical body. The header contains two areas:
The title (Browsers in the above example) and a control area that has three buttons; details (if applicable), refresh, and “Minimize/Maximize.”

The details button will take you to a separate page with additional or more comprehensive statistics on the related items.

The refresh button will reload the contents of the widget.

The “Minimize/Maximize” control will collapse/expand the widget. Note that the widget state is not saved between page views, so they will re-expand the next time you visit the overview page.

The widgets are as follows:



Quick Statistics

This combines some information from the Summary widget and the Hits widget into a compact display of activity on your site.

Summary Statistics

This displays today’s and yesterday’s statistics for the site.  This includes the number of users currently online, views, visitors, and search engine referrals.

This widget also displays the current date and time (at page load). WP Statistics relies on the correct date and time, and timezone being set on the server and in WordPress to display the correct information.

Top 10 Browsers

This displays a pie chart (not configurable) of the top ten browser types visited your site.

Top Referring Sites

This displays the top 10 sites that have referred visitors to your site.

Top 10 Countries

This displays the top 10 countries of visitors to your site.


This provides some details about the plug-in and the donation links.

Today Visitors Map

This displays your visitors today on a map of the world.  This requires the GeoIP code to be enabled.   To keep the maps readable, the last five visitors per country are displayed on the map.

Hits Statistics

This displays your visit and visitor counts in a graph format for the last 20 days.

Search Engine Referrals

This displays the number of referrals you have received from search engines for the last 20 days.

Latest Search Words

This displays the last 10 search words referred to your site by search engines.  Note that this is highly dependent on the search engine providing the information (Some do not.)

Top 10 Pages

This displays the top 10 pages that are visited for your site.

Recent Visitors

This displays the last 10 visitors to your site.  This includes options to map their location, what country they came from and what browser they are using.

Top 10 Visitors Today

This displays the top 10 visitors today based on the number of times they have visited the site today. In addition, the display includes the visitors’ location, IP, and browser details.

For more information about the widgets please read this article.

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