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Schedule Statistical Reports

One of our available options is scheduling statistical reports. To schedule the reports, follow the below steps: Download and install the WP Control plugin From your sidebar dashboard, navigate Settings > Cron Schedules. Fill out the fields like the example, then Add Cron Schedule Here you need to add an Internal Name for the schedule […]

Troubleshoot with Cache Plugins

Sometimes the Cache Plugins are conflicting with WP-Statistics. On the below, we are the most common solutions to troubleshoot the issue with Cache Plugins Cache plugin option Make sure the Use Cache Plugin option in WP-Statistics > Settings > General is enabled. (If it’s already enabled, try to disable it and wait for a while, […]

Delete the Plugin with All the Data

Sometimes users need to delete the tables when they do not want to use WP Statistics anymore. There is no option on the settings page to delete the tables as well as the plugin. But WP Statistics keeps the data in its tables which mean you only need to delete these tables wp_statistics_* Then don’t […]

Activate License for WP Statistics

After purchasing a new license from the WP Statistics website, you can activate the license key on your website. Just follow the below steps to activate the license: On the last step of your purchase and the checkout page, click the Manage Domains button. Add the domain you want to activate the license on and Save […]

Install a WP Statistics Add-On

We have some add-ons to add more features to your WP-Statistics and take your WordPress website to the next level. Each WP-Statistics add-on has specific options, and with these advanced extra details, you can get to know your customers more accurately. Here is the growing list of our all available add-ons. Installing a WP-Statistics add-on […]


WP Statistics requires a few things to work: WordPress 3.0 or above PHP 5.4 or above MySQL 5.0 or above WP Statistics might work on older versions of the above software, but then again, it might not (it does NOT function on any PHP versions before 5.3). The GeoIP support also requires a few additional […]

Install the WP Statistics Plugin

Installing the WP-Statistics free plugin on your WordPress website is so easy and similar to install any other plugins. You can do it in different ways. Here we will show you 3 ways of installing WP-Statistics: Install WP-Statistics from WordPress Plugins Directory (Recommended) You can install and activate the plugin by searching it in the […]


Welcome to WP Statistics! This plug-in is designed to track your visitor statistics in WordPress, completely locally without any external services. There are several key items to note about WP Statistics: No external services are required, all code and data run locally on your system. Aggregate data is stored whenever possible, when specific data is […]

Receive the number of visits from a page in different periods of time

You can receive the number of visits from a page or post in different periods of time. It’s done with the following PHP code: $page_id = 3; // Your page ID // Get page hits $today = wp_statistics_pages(‘today’, $page_id); $yesterday = wp_statistics_pages(‘yesterday’, $page_id); $week = wp_statistics_pages(‘week’, $page_id); $month = wp_statistics_pages(‘month’, $page_id); $year = wp_statistics_pages(‘year’, $page_id); […]