Advanced Reporting

By VeronaLabs

Stay up-to-date on your website's performance with this convenient add-on. It allows you to receive graphical representations of your website's statistics charts directly in your inbox, and you can even schedule reports to be sent to any inbox of your choice. Keep a close eye on your website's traffic and activity with this powerful tool. Simply install the add-on and start receiving regular updates on your website's performance.  

WordPress: 3.0

Tested: 6.4


Version: 2.3.0


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v2.3.0 (2023-08-16)

  • New Feature: Added PDF attachment for the report.

v2.2.7 (2023-05-20)

  • Improvement: Upgrade email template and enhance email functionalities.

v2.2.6 (2023-02-26)

  • Improvement: Moved out the manage license under → Add-Ons

v2.2.5 (2022-12-28)

  • Fixed issue with report emails

v2.2.4 (2022-10-28)

  • Improved plugin support for namespacing using Scoper
  • Improved performance of updater
  • Added support for Polish translation

v2.2.3 (2021-11-05)

  • Fixed issue with generating top pages reporting

v2.2.2 (2021-11-03)

  • Fixed issue with generating SQL query for Top 10 pages

v2.2.1 (2021-09-04)

  • Added ability to exclude pages in top pages reporting

v2.2 (2021-06-22)

  • Added new admin design
  • Fixed missed translations
  • Added time-range option for stats email

periodv2.1.10 (2021-04-08)

  • Added .htaccess to allow the ‘generate-chart.php’ file to generate charts
  • Fixed issue with search engine referrals total count

v2.1.9 (2021-03-23)

  • Added option to change top page numbers
  • Added option to modify ‘More Information’ reporting link

v2.1.8 (2021-03-14)

  • Fixed issue with sending blank emails after reporting
  • Improved performance, and compatibility, and fixed various issues
  • IMPORTANT: Requires WP Statistics v13.0.6 or higher

v2.1.7 (2021-01-23)

  • Fixed issue with sending stats based on a specific date

v2.1.6 (2020-11-29)

  • Added compatibility with WP Statistics v13.0
  • Added German translation
  • Updated missing translation strings
  • Updated admin contents
  • Improved license option logic
  • Improved hitdays request params

v2.1.5 (2020-10-10)

  • Improved loading template directory
  • Updated language files and setting the page

v2.1.4 (2020-08-12)

  • Added support new feature for overwriting mail template in theme & child theme.
  • Updated language file and supported missed strings to the translation function.

v2.1.3 (2019-07-06)

  • Added options for customizing the logo
  • Improved email formatting
  • Added Top 10 pages box

v2.1.2 (2019-06-01)

  • Added French language (thanks Pascal Hoquet)
  • Fixed issue with outbox showing records in an incorrect order
  • Made minor improvements

v2.1.1 (2019-03-12)

  • Added French language (thanks Pascal Hoquet)
  • Fixed issue with outbox showing records in an incorrect order
  • Made minor improvements

v2.1 (2019-03-01)

  • Added option to add custom content to header and footer
  • Made minor improvements

v2.0 (2018-12-19)

  • Added widgets to the setting page for selecting items to send
  • Added option to send a preview email
  • Improved and optimized update checker, resolving the issue of speed reduction
  • Added support for top countries for sending reporting

v1.2 (2018-03-28)

  • Fixed links in the email template

v1.1 (2017-11-08)

  • Added compatibility with the new version of WP Statistics

v1.0 (2017-08-01)

  • Initial release




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Data Plus

Data Plus is an add-on for WP Statistics offering detailed statistics and insights for each page of a website, including query strings, custom taxonomy statistics, top browsers, and visitors’ geographic information. It also features advanced widgets for individual page visitor details and new tools like Comparison and Hourly Usage Widgets, enhancing website optimization and strategic decision-making.


With this add-on, you can permanently disable ads on the Overview, Welcome, and Settings pages, customize menus, change the plugin header and make your product white-label. Simply install the add-on and say goodbye to annoying ads. Enjoy a streamlined and ad-free experience.

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The Advanced Widgets WordPress add-on offers a convenient way to showcase various statistical widgets on your website.

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Advanced Reporting

This add-on provides graphical representations of website statistics charts via email, allowing for scheduled reports to be sent to selected inboxes. It offers a convenient way to monitor website traffic and activity, with easy installation for regular performance updates.

Mini Chart

Evaluate the performance of your posts and pages with this convenient add-on. It provides tiny charts for all of your posts and pages, as well as an Admin Bar for quick and easy access to traffic statistics in WordPress. Customize the chart type and color to suit your preferences and get a clear picture of your website’s traffic. This add-on is easy to use and provides valuable insights into the success of your content.


The REST API Add-On activates additional endpoints in the WordPress REST API, including browsers, hits, referrers, search engines, summary, visitors, and pages. Detailed information about these API endpoints can be found in the API documentation.

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In WP Statistics, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with our products or service.

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Since we offer an annual subscription for our services, you need to renew your license every year.
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We provide support exclusively through our support center. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible assistance to our users who hold an active license.
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We offer refunds according to our policy. You are eligible for a full refund within 14 days from the date of your purchase.
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