Documentation Getting Started Activate License for WP Statistics

Activate License for WP Statistics

After purchasing a new license from the WP Statistics website, you can activate the license key on your website. Just follow the below steps to activate the license:

Add Your Domain

Step 1 – On the last step of your purchase and the checkout page, click the Manage Domains button.

Manage Domains for WP Statistics License

Step 2 – Add the domain you want to activate the license on and Save it.

After adding the domain, activate the purchased license in the relevant Add-On under Statistics – Add-Ons.

Change Your Domain

If you have already bought a license and it’s activated, you can change your domain by checking out these steps:

Step 1 – Go to My Account on the WP Statistics website then the Orders tab and click on the View button.

Step 2 – On your order’s information, you can Manage Domains and change your current domain.