About WP Statistics

Welcome to WP Statistics! Since our start in 2011, our mission has been clear: to offer you an open-source, privacy-first analytics solution for WordPress. Our goal is to help you understand your website’s traffic in a simple, transparent way while protecting the privacy of your visitors.

Today, WP Statistics is proudly used by over 600,000 websites worldwide. Developed by VeronaLabs and registered in Estonia, we are committed to maintaining an operating system that is free, accessible, and dedicated to enhancing privacy online.

The Financial Model of WP Statistics

WP Statistics is independent, self-funded, and committed to sustainability. Unlike many other services, our financial backbone comes from the support of our community through the purchase of premium add-ons. This model allows us to focus on enhancing WP Statistics, ensuring it remains an open-source, privacy-first analytics tool that serves your needs without compromising visitor privacy.

Every subscription directly contributes to our ability to innovate, maintain, and expand the features and capabilities of WP Statistics, enabling us to remain at the forefront of reliable web analytics.

Own Your Data, Protect Your Privacy

Everything we collect is stored right in your WordPress database, which means you own your data, and nobody else can access it. With this method, your website’s analytics are always secure and in your control.

We are committed to privacy: we minimize data collection, avoid collecting personal information, and do not track users across devices or websites. Plus, we’re open source, so anyone can check our code to see that we walk our talk. For details on what we collect, visit our resource page.

With WP Statistics, you get a powerful analytics tool that respects both you and your visitors’ privacy, all while keeping data ownership firmly in your hands.

Privacy by Design: The Open Source Philosophy

WP Statistics is proud to be an open-source project, emphasizing our commitment to privacy and transparency. Everything we offer, from our core plugin to all premium add-ons, is licensed under GPL-3.0. This means you’re free to inspect, modify, and share our code, ensuring you always know how your data is handled. Open source is a key part of our promise to keep your analytics private and under your control.