The GeoIP database isn’t downloading

The GeoIP database isn’t downloading and when I force a download through the settings page I get the following error: “Error downloading GeoIP database from: – Forbidden”

This means that MaxMind has block the IP address of your webserver, this is often the case if it has been blacklisted in the past due to abuse.

You have two options:

  • Contact MaxMind and have them unblock your IP address
  • Manually download the database

To manually download the database and install it take the following steps:

  • On another system (any PC will do) download the maxmind database from
  • Decompress the database
  • Connect to your web host and create a “wp-statistics” directory in your wordpress uploads folder (usually it is located in wp-content, so you would create a directory “wp-content/uploads/wp-statistics”).
  • Upload the GeoLite-Country.mmdb file to the folder you just created.

You can also ask MaxMind to unblock your host. Note that automatic updates will not function until you can successfully download the database from your web server.


Welcome to WP Statistics!

This plug-in is designed to track your visitor statistics in WordPress, completely locally without any external services.

There are several key items to note about WP Statistics:

  • No external services are required, all code and data runs locally on your system.
  • Aggregate data is stored whenever possible, when specific data is required (like IP addresses for visitors) only the date is stored with the hit, not the time.
  • This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

This document will use a couple of conventions you should be aware of:

  • Screen shots will generally exclude all of the WordPress admin menus to keep them concise.
  • Menu selections and other actions to be taken will be indicated with italics.
  • If multiple menu selections are required, they will be separated with ->, so for example if you are to go to the settings page, this document will indicate it with Statistics->Settings.
  • If a page has tabs on it, they will be treated as menu items, so for example, if you are to go to the GeoIP tab on the Settings page, this document will indicate it with Statistics->Settings->GeoIP.
  • In some sections you will find a “Developers Note”, these are items that a developer may find useful if they are looking to work with WP Statistics, normal administrators or users can safely ignore these items.

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