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WP Statistics 14.6: Enhanced Performance, Precision, and User Experience

We are pleased to announce the release of WP Statistics 14.6, an update that focuses on enhancing user interaction and overall performance improvements. This latest version brings a series of upgrades designed to improve both the user interface and the plugin’s functionality. Here’s what’s new: Updated Header Area for an Improved User Experience With an […]

Important Update for WP Statistics Users: PHP Version Requirement Changes

We’re committed to providing our WP Statistics plugin users with the best experience, ensuring compatibility, security, and performance are at their peak. With technological advancements and to maintain our promise, we’re making an essential update to our PHP version requirements. New PHP Version Requirement Starting from Version 15 of the WP Statistics plugin, PHP 7.2 […]

Big News for Data Plus: Introducing Link and Download Tracking

We’ve got some exciting updates! Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve added two awesome features to the Data Plus add-on: Link Tracker and Download Tracker. These tools are all about giving you a better look at how visitors interact with your website. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new and what’s coming up. 1. Link Tracker: See […]

Introducing Enhanced URL Query Parameter Management in WP Statistics 14.5

In previous versions of WP Statistics, by default, all URL query parameters were recorded, which could sometimes lead to an overload of unnecessary data. With the introduction of Allowed Query Parameters in version 14.5, you now have the ability to specify which URL query parameters you want WP Statistics to record. This change not only […]

WP Statistics 14.4: Elevating Privacy and Performance

We’re excited to announce the release of WP Statistics 14.4, a significant update that strengthens user privacy and enhances the performance of your WordPress site. With our latest version, we’ve introduced a range of features and improvements that focus on data protection, streamlined processes, and overall optimization. Privacy Enhancements Privacy is at the forefront of […]

Enhancing Privacy with Our Updated IP Hashing Mechanism

Privacy and data protection are at the heart of everything we do. In our ongoing efforts to enhance the privacy of your website visitors while providing you with valuable insights, we’ve made an important update to our IP hashing mechanism in the latest version of WP Statistics (Version 14.4). Why We Made This Change In […]

WP Statistics’ Settings Just Got a Major Upgrade!

We’ve been busy bees, working on some exciting updates to make your experience with our plugin smoother, more intuitive, and downright enjoyable. So, A completely redesigned settings area, and freshly baked documentation that’s as helpful as it is easy to digest. Let’s dive in! Say Hello to Your New Settings Area We’ve changed how the […]

Fixing WP Statistics Plugin Issues Caused by Ad Blockers

If you’re having trouble with the WP Statistics on your WordPress site’s admin side and suspect ad blockers are to blame, you’re not alone. Many users face this issue, and it’s often due to adblocker browser extensions. In this article, we’ll explain the problem, its cause, how to solve it easily, and the actions being […]

Unlock Advanced Analytics with Data Plus for WP Statistics

We are excited to announce the launch of Data Plus, a new add-on for our WP Statistics plugin! The WP Statistics plugin now offers a new add-on called Data Plus, available on WP Statistics version 14.0. This add-on provides detailed and in-depth statistics on each page of your website, including diagrams and lists of the […]

WP Statistics Plugin Improves Compatibility, Security, and Performance in December 2022

We at VeronaLabs are excited to announce the release of several updates to our WP Statistics plugin in December 2022. These updates include important bug fixes, security improvements, and new features that enhance the plugin’s functionality and performance. We are grateful to our users for their valuable feedback and support, which has helped us to […]