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Content Analytics at Your Fingertips with Version 14.9

We’re excited to announce the release of version 14.9, featuring Content Analytics & Category Analytics. You can make data-driven decisions to improve your content strategy with this update, which gives you powerful insight into your content’s performance. Analyzing content to unlock its potential With Content Analytics, you can see in detail how your content is […]

Discover the New Mini Chart Design in WP Statistics v14.9

In version 14.9, the Mini Chart has been redesigned to provide a modern and easy-to-use interface for visualizing website statistics. What’s New in the Mini Chart? Improved Design and Usability The Mini Chart has received a major design update. The new design not only looks more modern but also provides a clearer and more detailed […]

New Updates to the Advanced Reporting Add-on

Exciting updates are now available for the Advanced Reporting Add-on. These changes aim to make report emails more useful and easier to read. Redesigned Report Emails The report emails have a new look! The redesign focuses on: – Better Data Presentation: More detailed and clear statistics. – Improved Readability: A cleaner, modern layout. Updated settings […]

Anonymous Tracking in WP Statistics 14.9

Important Information About WP Statistics and PII By default, WP Statistics does not record any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). However, you can change the default settings to record some user data, such as IP addresses and WordPress UserIDs. In version 14.8, we integrated the WP Consent API to make WP Statistics compatible with various consent […]

WP Statistics Version 14.9: What’s New

We are excited to announce WP Statistics version 14.9, a major update packed with new features, enhancements, and fixes to improve your website analytics experience. This update focuses on providing more insights, improving usability, and enhancing performance across the board. Changelog for Version 14.9 New Features: – Content Analytics: Replaces the Post Type report with […]

Introducing Devices Report in Version 14.8

We’re excited to announce another great feature in our latest update: the Devices Report! This new feature will help you understand what devices your visitors are using to access your website. What’s New? The Devices Report includes: What’s Coming Soon? In future updates, we’ll be adding even more reports to the Devices section, including: Changes […]

Introducing Geographic Reports in Version 14.8

We’re excited to announce a new feature in our latest update: Geographic Reports! With this update, you can now see where your website visitors are coming from with more detail than ever before. What’s New? Our new Geographic Reports include: Changes in the Menu The Country report, which used to be in the main menu, […]

Introducing WP Consent Level Integration

We are excited to introduce a new feature in WP Statistics: WP Consent Level Integration. This enhancement, available from version 14.8, leverages the WP Consent API plugin to align your website’s tracking practices with user consent preferences, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Why This Feature Matters Respecting user privacy is […]

Introducing the New “Author Analytics” Reports

The latest update (version 14.8) includes an exciting feature called “Author Analytics.” This new report replaces the old Author report and offers a detailed look at author performance across different post types. What You Can Learn with Author Analytics Author Analytics helps answer important questions about authors: Detailed Author Reports The new Author Analytics feature […]

WP Statistics Version 14.8: What’s New

We are excited to announce the release of WP Statistics version 14.8! This version brings a host of new features, enhancements, and fixes to help you better analyze your website traffic. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the changes: New Features Enhancements Fixes Developer Updates Stay tuned for more updates and happy analyzing with WP Statistics […]