Introducing Enhanced URL Query Parameter Management in WP Statistics 14.5

In previous versions of WP Statistics, by default, all URL query parameters were recorded, which could sometimes lead to an overload of unnecessary data. With the introduction of Allowed Query Parameters in version 14.5, you now have the ability to specify which URL query parameters you want WP Statistics to record. This change not only streamlines your data for better analytics but also aligns with best practices for user privacy.

To configure your allowed parameters, navigate to Settings -> Filtering & Exceptions -> Allowed Query Parameters. Here you can manage your preferences and ensure that only relevant query parameters are tracked.

Historical Data Cleanup

Consistency in analytics is crucial for accurate data interpretation. The new Clean Up Recorded Query Parameters tool allows you to apply your current Allow List settings to historical data. Find this cleanup tool under the Optimization tab, and use it to retroactively clean up your data, ensuring that your reports reflect consistent and applicable information.

The Impact of These Changes

These updates mean that from version 14.5 onwards, WP Statistics will, by default, exclude all query parameters that are not explicitly allowed. This approach not only declutters your analytics but also enhances user privacy by not tracking unnecessary URL queries.

  • Focused Analytics: Your reports will now reflect a more accurate picture of user engagement with cleaner and more targeted data.
  • Enhanced Privacy: This change ensures that only essential parameters are tracked, respecting user privacy and adhering to privacy regulations.
  • Consistent Historical Data: Apply your new settings to past data for uniform reporting and analysis.

For more detailed information about managing URL query parameters and how to make the most out of these new features, please refer to our comprehensive guide at Managing URL Query Parameters.

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