The Widget

WP Statistics comes with a WordPress widget to display some statistical information to your front end. The widget is still supported, however you may find the shortcodes to be more useful as they can be used in an HTML widget with any custom formatting you may like to apply.

The widget is called “Statistics” and the configuration page looks as follows:

The name field at the top will be displayed in the header of the widget on your site. Each option that is enabled will be displayed on a single line in the widget and display the indicated information.

Dashboard Widgets

WP Statistics includes a number of dashboard widgets you can add if you have read access to WP Statistics.

By default, the dashboard widgets are not displayed, with the exception of the Quick Stats widget. Users can individually enable them through the “Screen Options” drop down in the WordPress dashboard.

The dashboard widgets mirror the Overview page widgets with the following exceptions/notes:



Quick Stats

This combines the visit/visitor stats from the summary widget and the hits graph for the last ten days.


This widget is not available on the dashboard.

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