How much memory does PHP Statistics require?

This depends on how many hits your site gets. The data collection code is very light weight, however the reporting and statistics code can take a lot of memory to process. The longer you collect data for the more memory you will need to process it. At a bare minimum, a basic WordPress site with WP Statistics should have at least 32 meg of RAM available for a page load. Sites with lots of plugins and high traffic should look at significantly increasing that (128 to 256 meg is not unreasonable).


WP Statistics requires a few things to work:

  • WordPress 3.0 or above
  • PHP 5.4 or above
  • MySQL 5.0 or above

WP Statistics might work on older versions of the above software, but then again, it might not (it does NOT function on any PHP versions before 5.3).

The GeoIP support also requires a few additional items to function:

  • the cURL extension for PHP
  • PHP cannot be running in safe mode

WP Statistics requires a significant amount of RAM for the statistics pages, especially the overview page, make sure to set your PHP memory limit high enough to support it. While every site has different memory requirements, a reasonable rule of thumb is at least 36 megabytes and significantly higher is not unreasonable (128-256 megabytes).

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