WP Statistics Version 14.8: What’s New

We are excited to announce the release of WP Statistics version 14.8! This version brings a host of new features, enhancements, and fixes to help you better analyze your website traffic. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the changes:

New Features

  • Author Analytics: Replaces the old Author report with enhanced author performance metrics. Learn more
  • Geographic Reports: Provides detailed location-based analytics, including countries, cities, European countries, US states, and regions within your country. Learn more
  • Bypass Ad Blockers: Introduces a new option to dynamically load the tracking script with a unique name and address, helping to circumvent ad blockers. Learn more
  • User Role Exclusions: Adds the option to exclude Anonymous Users from your analytics.
  • Integration with WP Consent API: Ensures compatibility with consent plugins like Complianz and Cookiebot, enhancing compliance with privacy regulations. Learn more
  • Device Menu: Offers detailed device-specific analytics, covering browsers, operating systems, and device models. Future updates will include device categories, screen resolutions, and languages. Learn more


  • Updated Browser Icons: Refreshes the icons for better visual clarity.
  • Real-Time Button on Overview Page: Introduces a real-time button for immediate data updates.
  • Background Processing: Adds background processing to handle data more efficiently.
  • Style Improvements: Various style enhancements on the Overview page, header, and meta boxes.
  • Refactored Notice Handler: Improves the notice handler for better performance.
  • Numerous Enhancements: Includes both minor and major improvements across the plugin.
  • Improved Structure and Cleanup: Utilizes new components and models for a more streamlined structure.


  • Parameter Correction: Fixes the ‘to’ parameter in the yesterday link generation.
  • Resolved Freeze Issues: Addresses freeze issues on certain pages and loading mode in view meta box.

Developer Updates

Stay tuned for more updates and happy analyzing with WP Statistics 14.8!


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