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Disable the FeedbackBird Widget

The FeedbackBird widget is a third-party service used for gathering user feedback within the WordPress admin interface. By default, this widget is enabled, but you can disable it using the wp_statistics_enable_feedbackbird filter.

Disabling the Widget

To disable the FeedbackBird widget, add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file or a custom plugin:

add_filter('wp_statistics_enable_feedbackbird', '__return_false');

Filter Details


  • Description: Controls whether the FeedbackBird widget should be initialized.
  • Default: true
  • Parameters:
  • bool $enable (default: true)

By using this filter and setting it to return false, the FeedbackBird widget will not be loaded in the WordPress admin area. This can be useful if you do not wish to collect feedback or if you want to reduce the number of scripts loaded in the admin interface.