Introducing Geographic Reports in Version 14.8

We’re excited to announce a new feature in our latest update: Geographic Reports! With this update, you can now see where your website visitors are coming from with more detail than ever before.

What’s New?

Our new Geographic Reports include:

  • Countries: See which countries your visitors are from.
  • Cities: Find out which cities your visitors are located in.
  • European Countries: Get a closer look at visitors from Europe.
  • US States: See data on visitors from different states in the USA.
  • Regions of Your Website’s Country: View visitor data based on regions within your website’s country, identified by your site’s timezone setting.

Changes in the Menu

The Country report, which used to be in the main menu, is now under the Geographic Reports section. This makes it easier to find all geographic information in one place.

Available for Everyone

These new reports are available to all users.

Extra Details for DataPlus Users

If you have the DataPlus add-on, you’ll soon be able to see even more detailed data for each country.

We hope you find these new reports helpful. As always, we’re here to support you and hear your feedback.

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