Introducing Devices Report in Version 14.8

We’re excited to announce another great feature in our latest update: the Devices Report! This new feature will help you understand what devices your visitors are using to access your website.

What’s New?

The Devices Report includes:

  • Browsers: See which web browsers your visitors are using.
  • Operating Systems: Find out what operating systems are most popular among your visitors.
  • Device Models: Learn about the specific devices (like iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S9, etc.) that your visitors use.

What’s Coming Soon?

In future updates, we’ll be adding even more reports to the Devices section, including:

  • Device Categories: Different types of devices like mobile, desktop, or tablet.
  • Screen Resolutions: The screen sizes and resolutions your visitors use.
  • Languages: The preferred languages of your visitors.
  • Timezones: The time zones your visitors are in.

Changes in the Menu

The Browsers and Operating Systems reports, which were previously in the main menu, have now been moved under the Devices Report section. This makes it easier to find all device-related information in one place.

Available for Everyone

These new reports are available to all users, even if you’re using the free version of our plugin.

We hope you find these new reports useful. You can always count on us for support and feedback.

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