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Third-Party Services in WP Statistics for Website Owners

What the plugin collects

If you are looking for information on “What the plugin collects,” please refer to this article: WP Statistics: GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant site analytics.

The WP Statistics plugin integrates several third-party services and libraries to enhance functionality and provide valuable features to users. Additionally, when using premium add-ons, specific data is sent to for update checks. Below is a detailed overview of these third-party services, libraries, and the data shared for premium add-ons.

Third-Party Services



Referrer Spam Blacklist

GeoIP Data

Premium Add-ons Information

When using premium add-ons for WP Statistics, the following data is sent to to check for updates:

  • Plugin Name: The name of the premium add-on plugin.
  • License Key: The license key entered by the user.
  • Website URL: The URL of the website using the premium add-on.

This information is necessary to validate the license and provide update notifications for the premium add-ons.


For information on the libraries used in our plugin, please refer to our composer.json file on GitHub.