Documentation Troubleshooting How to Completely Uninstall WP Statistics Plugin

How to Completely Uninstall WP Statistics Plugin

If you need to remove WP Statistics and ensure that all associated data is completely deleted from your WordPress site, follow the detailed steps below. This will remove all plugin files, data tables, and options.

Step 1: Deactivate WP Statistics

Begin by deactivating the plugin to stop all its functions. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard, go to the ‘Plugins’ section, and click ‘Deactivate’ next to WP Statistics.

Step 2: Delete WP Statistics Tables

Next, you’ll need to remove the database tables created by the plugin. Access your website’s database via phpMyAdmin and locate all tables with the prefix wp_statistics_. Select these tables and click ‘Drop’ to delete them.

Step 3: Remove WP Statistics Options

WP Statistics also stores options in your WordPress database. To clean these out, execute the following SQL query in phpMyAdmin:

DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE '%statistics%'

This command will delete all entries related to WP Statistics from the wp_options table.

Step 4: Delete Plugin Files

Lastly, to remove any residual files, access your server via FTP or File Manager in your hosting control panel. Navigate to the wp-content/uploads directory and delete the wp-statistics folder.

By following these steps, you will have successfully and completely removed the WP Statistics plugin from your WordPress site.