Documentation Guides Enhancing Data Accuracy

Enhancing Data Accuracy

At WP Statistics, we are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and reliable website analytics. However, you might occasionally notice discrepancies in traffic data when comparing WP Statistics to other analytics Operating Systems like Google Analytics (GA4). This guide will help you address and correct such discrepancies to ensure that your data tracking is as precise as possible.

Ensuring Accuracy with WP Statistics

General Recommendation

Always ensure you are using the latest version of WP Statistics. We continuously enhance our algorithms to better detect bots and improve data accuracy. Updating to the latest version is crucial for taking advantage of these improvements.

Enhance IP Detection Accuracy:

  • Navigate to Settings → IP Detection.
  • Select Sequential IP Detection under Main IP Detection Method.
  • This setting automatically detects the user’s IP address by checking a sequence of server variables and stops at the first valid IP found.

Addressing Lower Traffic Counts Compared to Other Tools

Enable Cache Compatibility Mode:

  • Navigate to Settings → Basic Tracking.
  • Enable Cache Compatibility Mode.
  • This setting helps in accurately tracking visitors under different caching environments.

Check Filtering Settings:

  • Go to Settings → Filtering & Exceptions.
  • Review the filters to ensure that you are not unintentionally excluding important traffic sources or data points.

Addressing Higher Traffic Counts Compared to Other Tools

Update Data Sources:

  • Navigate to Settings → Data Sources.
  • Ensure the GeoIP Collection and Matomo Referrer Spam Blacklist are enabled.
  • Click on the “Update Database” button for GeoIP and the Update button for Matomo Referrer Spam Blacklist to keep these sources current.

Manage Bot Traffic:

While WP Statistics is designed to effectively manage bot traffic, the following additional measures can be implemented:

  • Limit Login Attempts: Use plugins like “Limit Login Attempts Reloaded” to protect against brute-force attacks. Consider changing the default URLs for login and registration to reduce bot access.
  • Exclude Non-Essential Pages: In Settings → Filtering & Exceptions → URL Exclusions, add exclusions for login pages and RSS feeds. This helps in focusing tracking on content pages and reduces noise in data caused by non-human traffic.
  • Enhancing your site’s security and data accuracy can also be achieved by using robust web application firewalls. These tools not only help in blocking malicious bot traffic but also contribute to cleaner and more accurate analytics data. Consider integrating one of the following recommended plugins: