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Statistics Widget

WP Statistics comes with a WordPress widget to display some statistical information to your front end. The widget is still supported. However, you may find the shortcodes to be more useful as they can be used in an HTML widget with any custom formatting you may like to apply. The widget is called “Statistics,” and […]


WP Statistics supports shortcodes in WordPress. These can be used in either a post or a page body and an HTML widget. The general shortcode format is: [[wpstatistics stat=xxx time=xxxx provider=xxxx format=xxxxxx id=xxx]] Where: Item Description stat The statistics you want, see the next table for available options. time Is the time frame (time periods) […]

Function API

WP Statistics supports several functions for other plugin and theme authors in order to retrieve statistics on sites. All of the external functions can be found here: wp-statistics\includes\functions\functions.php Function Description wp_statistics_useronline() Get the number of users online wp_statistics_visitor(time) Get the number of visitors wp_statistics_visit(time) Get the number of visits (hits) wp_statistics_pages(time,uri,id) Get the page views […]


WP Statistics Features

WP Statistics has many features: User Online – see how many people are currently viewing your site Visits – see how many hits your site gets each day Visitors – see who’s visiting your site Page Tracking – see which pages are viewed most often Search Engines – see search queries and redirects from popular […]