Documentation Guides How to Configure IP Detection in WP Statistics for Accurate Visitor Tracking

How to Configure IP Detection in WP Statistics for Accurate Visitor Tracking

Enhancing Data Accuracy

Check out our guide on enhancing data accuracy for more details.

If you’re using WP statistics to track visitor data on your WordPress site, ensuring the accuracy of IP address detection is crucial, especially when using services like Cloudflare. Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy and by default, masks the true IP addresses of your visitors. To obtain the real IP addresses in WP statistics, you must configure it to work with Cloudflare’s headers. Here’s how to set it up properly:

Step 1: Find Your Public IP Address

Before you begin, it’s helpful to know your own public IP address for testing purposes. Visit to find out your current public IP.

Step 2: Accessing WP Statistics Settings

Log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to WP Statistics, and then to the “IP Detection” tab. You’ll see several options for IP detection methods.

Step 3: Select the Right Header for Cloudflare

In the case of Cloudflare, the true IP address of your visitors is included in the CF-Connecting-IP header. In WP Statistics, if there’s an option to specify a custom header, you should input CF-Connecting-IP. If you don’t see this option, you may need to add code to your WordPress site’s configuration.

Step 4: Update WordPress Configuration (If Required)

For some configurations, especially if the custom header option isn’t available, you may need to manually set the server to use the Cloudflare header by adding the following to your wp-config.php:


Step 5: Verify Your Settings

After configuring the settings or updating wp-config.php, visit your site and check the recorded IP address in WP Statistics against your public IP obtained from

Step 6: Confirm Cloudflare Settings

Log into your Cloudflare dashboard to ensure that the ‘True-Client-IP Header‘ feature is enabled. This feature is only available on certain Cloudflare plans and is necessary for passing the original visitor IP address.

Step 7: Test and Monitor

After implementing these changes, monitor the IP addresses logged by WP Statistics for accuracy. It’s a good idea to test this from various networks to confirm that different IPs are being logged correctly.

Step 8: Troubleshooting

If you encounter any issues or the IP addresses are still not showing correctly, consider reaching out to WP Statistics support or consult Cloudflare’s extensive documentation for further assistance.

By ensuring WP Statistics is configured to work with Cloudflare, you’ll maintain accurate visitor tracking on your WordPress site, enabling you to analyze your traffic effectively and make informed decisions.

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