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Devices Report

The “Devices” report in WP Statistics is a feature introduced in version 14.8. It includes various sub-reports that provide detailed information about the devices used by visitors to your website.

Accessing the Devices Report

To access the Devices report, navigate to the WP Statistics plugin in your WordPress dashboard, and under the “Statistics” section, select “Devices.” This section is divided into several tabs, each focusing on different aspects of visitor devices.


1. Browsers

The Browsers report provides detailed information about the web browsers used by visitors. Understanding browser usage helps in optimizing website performance and ensuring compatibility. For more details, refer to the Browsers Report Documentation.

2. Operating Systems

The Operating Systems report gives insights into the operating systems used by your visitors. This information is crucial for ensuring that your website functions well across different OS platforms. For more details, refer to the Operating Systems Report Documentation.

3. Device Models

The Device Models report lists the specific device models used by visitors. This helps in understanding the hardware preferences of your audience. For more details, refer to the Device Models Report Documentation.

Upcoming Features

The following tabs will be introduced in upcoming versions of WP Statistics, providing even more detailed insights into visitor devices:

4. Device Categories

This report will categorize devices into different types such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This categorization helps in understanding the distribution of device types among your visitors.

5. Screen Resolution

The Screen Resolution report will provide data on the screen resolutions used by visitors. This information is valuable for designing responsive websites that offer a good user experience across various screen sizes.

6. Languages

The Languages report will give insights into the preferred languages of your visitors’ browsers. This can help in offering localized content and improving user engagement.

7. Timezones

The Timezones report will show the geographical distribution of your visitors based on their timezones. This information is useful for scheduling content releases and understanding global audience reach.