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Admin Notifications Settings

This section of the WP Statistics settings allows website administrators to manage various notifications and dashboard display options. Below is a detailed explanation of each setting available on the “Admin Notifications” page.

Email Configuration

Recipient Email Addresses

Specify one or more email addresses to receive reports and notifications from WP Statistics. Multiple addresses should be separated by a comma.

Example: [email protected], [email protected]

Email Statistical Reports

Toggle this option to receive regular statistical reports via email, which provide insights into your website’s traffic.

Example: Activate to get weekly traffic analysis every Monday at 8 AM.

Database Notifications

GeoIP Update

Receive notifications whenever the GeoIP database is updated. This database helps WP Statistics determine the geographical location of your website visitors. Turn this on to keep the GeoIP data current for accurate visitor location statistics.

Database Pruning Alert

Get notified when the database pruning occurs, which is essential for maintaining the performance of your website by clearing out old and unnecessary data.

If database pruning is set for monthly, this alert will confirm the completion of the process.

Admin Dashboard Settings

Display All WP Statistics Notices

Control the display of all notifications, alerts, and suggestions from WP Statistics on your admin dashboard. Enable for full visibility, or disable to show only critical warnings or errors for a less cluttered dashboard.

Enable to monitor all updates and suggestions, disable for a streamlined view of crucial notifications.