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Whitelabeling WP Statistics

This guide explains how to whitelabel your WP Statistics plugin using Customization add-on. By following these steps, you can remove various branding elements and customize the plugin to match your brand identity.

Overview of the Customization Add-on Features

The Customization add-on for WP Statistics enables you to:

  • Remove upgrade prompts and unnecessary menu items from the header.
  • Eliminate branding elements from the footer of report and real-time stats pages.
  • Upload and display your own logo in the WP Statistics header area.

How to Whitelabel WP Statistics

Step 1: Access the Customization Settings

To begin whitelabeling, navigate to the WP Statistics plugin settings in your WordPress dashboard. Then, go to the Settings under the Add-Ons section.

Step 2: Enable Whitelabel

In the settings interface, you will find the White label and Header Customization section. Here’s how to proceed:

Enable Whitelabel:

    • Check the “Enable” box to activate whitelabeling. Once enabled, the following items will be removed:
      • “Upgrade to bundle” in the header
      • “Add-on” menu in the header
      • Help icon in the header
      • Feedback in the header
      • “Veronalabs” in the footer of report pages
      • The message: “Please rate WP Statistics ★★★★★ on to help us spread the word. Thank you! WordPress | WP Statistics” from the footer of report pages
      • “WP Statistics” in the footer of the real-time stats page

    Step 3: Upload Your Own Logo

    Personalize the plugin by uploading your own logo to the header area:

    Change the Header Logo:

      • Click on the “Upload File” button to select and upload your logo file from your computer.
      • Ensure your logo is displayed correctly in the preview.

      Step 4: Customize Overview Widget

      You can also customize the overview widget:

      Enable Overview Widget:

        • Toggle the option to “Yes” under the Overview Widget Customization section.

        Widget Title and Content:

          • Enter a title for your custom widget.
          • Add your own content to the widget, including text, images, and HTML as needed.