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Privacy Audit

The Privacy Audit feature in WP Statistics 14.7 is designed to ensure that your use of WP Statistics is aligned with the best privacy practices. This tool audits the WP Statistics settings on your WordPress site to verify that they are configured in a privacy-friendly manner, especially when adjustments could potentially capture personally identifiable information (PII).


The purpose of the Privacy Audit is to provide WP Statistics users with:

  • An assessment of their current settings against privacy standards.
  • Recommendations for changes to enhance privacy compliance.
  • A user-friendly dashboard to easily manage privacy settings.


The Privacy Audit provides actionable insights into settings that may need adjustments to comply with privacy laws and standards. Each recommendation includes detailed steps on how to implement the suggested changes.

Compliance Dashboard

  • Status Indicators: Green check marks indicate compliant settings, while orange alerts signify areas that need attention.

Configuration Options

Enabling/Disabling the Audit

  • Default State: The Privacy Audit is enabled by default.
  • Disable it: Users can disable the audit via:
    • Settings Path: Navigate to Settings -> User Data Protection -> Debugging & Advanced Options.
    • Modify Setting: Here, users can turn the Privacy Audit off.


Q1: Does the Privacy Audit cover all aspects of my website’s data privacy?

  • A1: The Privacy Audit specifically assesses the privacy aspects of the WP Statistics settings, not the entire website.

Q2: What should I do if I disagree with a recommendation?

  • A2: Considerations for differing needs are expected. You can choose to ignore a recommendation if it conflicts with your operational requirements or consult with a privacy expert for further advice.

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