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Optimization: Historical Data

In maintaining accurate and comprehensive analytics for your website, it’s essential to ensure that historical data is correctly integrated. The ‘Historical Data Entry’ setting in the WP Statistics plugin allows you to input historical analytics data so that your reports reflect the complete traffic history of your site.

Historical Total Visitors

This field is for the total number of unique visitors your website has had since its creation up until the point of integration with WP Statistics. It’s essential to input the accumulated count of unique visitors to maintain the continuity of your visitor tracking.

Use Case: If you have recently migrated to WP Statistics from another analytics Operating System, you would enter the total count of unique visitors recorded by the previous service here. For example, if your old analytics tool reported 5,000 unique visitors before you switched to WP Statistics, you would enter ‘5000’ in this field.

Historical Total Site Views

This field accounts for the total number of site views, including repeat views, from the inception of your website until the point you started using WP Statistics.

Use Case: Suppose your previous analytics tool indicated you had 20,000 site views before moving to WP Statistics. In this case, you should enter ‘20000’ to ensure that your statistics include past data. This allows for a seamless transition and integration of historical data, providing a complete view of your website’s traffic trends over time.