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Dashboard Widgets Settings

The WP Statistics Dashboard Widgets provide at-a-glance insights into your website’s traffic and analytics directly from your WordPress dashboard. This guide details each setting available on the Dashboard Widgets settings page, helping you customize your dashboard to better fit your monitoring preferences.

Display WP Statistics Widgets

Toggle this setting to enable or disable the display of WP Statistics widgets on your WordPress dashboard. With this feature activated, widgets summarizing website analytics like visitor count, page views, and search engine referrals are conveniently placed on your dashboard.

Use Case: For users who prefer a minimalist dashboard, this feature can be turned off to reduce clutter. On the other hand, if immediate access to site analytics upon login is preferred, this feature should be enabled.

Enable Geographic Map

Activate this setting to display a geographic map on your dashboard, which offers visual insights into the geographic distribution of your site’s visitors. This map can be a powerful tool for visualizing the global reach of your website and tailoring content to your audience.

Use Case: A content creator targeting specific geographic locations might enable this map to assess the effectiveness of their targeting. For example, if a campaign is directed at users in Europe, the geographic map can confirm the campaign’s success by showing a concentration of visitors from that region.