Documentation Privacy Compliant with WordPress Data Export and Erasure

Compliant with WordPress Data Export and Erasure

WordPress Data Management Features

WordPress includes features that allow site owners to export or erase user data, helping them comply with privacy laws like GDPR. These tools are vital for users’ data rights, including access to their data and the right to be forgotten.

WP Statistics Integration

WP Statistics is fully compatible with WordPress’s data export and erasure features. By default, WP Statistics does not collect personal data. However, if the “Record User Page Views” option is enabled, it will log the User ID for site traffic analysis.

With “Record User Page Views” Enabled:

If activated, WP Statistics will record user IDs, which are considered personal data. Correspondingly, WP Statistics will also export or erase this data when the WordPress tools are used, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Using the Features

To use these features, simply navigate to the WordPress ‘Tools’ section, choose ‘Export Personal Data‘ or ‘Erase Personal Data‘, and follow the prompts. WP Statistics will automatically handle its data in accordance with your actions.