Big News for Data Plus: Introducing Link and Download Tracking

We’ve got some exciting updates! Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve added two awesome features to the Data Plus add-on: Link Tracker and Download Tracker. These tools are all about giving you a better look at how visitors interact with your website. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new and what’s coming up.

1. Link Tracker: See Who Loves Your Links

Ever wonder which links on your site are getting the most love? The Link Tracker is here to show you. It tells you which outbound links are popular, when they’re being clicked, and who’s clicking on them.

What’s Cool About It:

  • Click Counts: Find out how often each link is clicked. This tells you what your visitors are interested in.
  • Timing Insights: Learn the best times your links are clicked. This can help you decide when to share new stuff or run special deals.
  • Who’s Clicking: Get to know the people clicking on your links. This helps you make content that they’ll like even more.

2. Download Tracker: Get the Scoop on Downloads

Want to know more about how and when your files are downloaded? The Download Tracker has you covered. It looks at which files are popular, when they’re being downloaded, and who’s downloading them.

What’s Cool About It:

  • File Favorites: See which files people download the most. This guides you in creating content that hits the mark.
  • Download Times: Figure out when people are downloading your files. Use this info to plan when to release new stuff.
  • Learn About Your Downloaders: Dive into who’s downloading your files. Tailor your content to fit what they like.

Enhanced Insights: Exciting Features Ahead

There’s even more exciting stuff on the way. Soon, you’ll get even deeper insights with detailed analytics for top links and downloads. This means you won’t just see how many times a file was downloaded or a link was clicked. You’ll get a detailed look at the types of people interested in those links or files, and you can see which pages on your site are getting those clicks.

Important to Know

To use these cool new features, make sure you’ve got WP Statistics version 14.5.2 or newer and Data Plus version 2.0 or newer. This way, you won’t miss out on any of the action!

Why This Rocks

These updates aren’t just about new tools; they’re about giving you a clearer picture of how people use your site. With this info, you can make your website even better for your visitors.

With detailed analytics coming soon, you’ll have everything you need to understand your audience better and make smarter moves with your content.

Stay tuned as we keep making WP Statistics the best tool for understanding your website’s visitors.

Excited for What’s Next in Analyzing Together!


  1. Helo.
    Egy javaslatom lenne a “Látogatók legutóbbi tevékenysége” oldalon lehessen rendezni az összes látogatás szerint is. Rengeteg olyan látogató van, aki nem csak egy oldalt olvas, hanem 20-50 oldalt is. Jó lenne látni, hogy mennyi oldalra kíváncsi egy látogató

  2. Where can I find this feature? I have WP Statistics version 14.5.2 and Data Plus version 2.0 installed but am unable to location the pages / menus for these two new features?

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