WP Statistics v14.1.1: Real-Time User Presence & Performance Boost

The release of WP Statistics v14.1.1 and WP Statistics Advanced Reporting v2.2.7 has us very excited. These upgrades add new functions, improvements, and optimizations. Let’s examine the main improvements.

WP Statistics
V14.1.1 – 20.05.2023

  • User Presence in Real Time: WP Statistics v14.1.1 adds the ‘/wp-json/wp-statistics/v2/online’ API to track user presence in real time on your website. Keep up with user involvement and behavior to make smarter decisions.
  • Enhanced Performance: The tracker has been tuned for better performance and precise tracking.WP Statistics v14.1.1 uses JavaScript. Smoother website analytics tracking is ensured by these little improvements.
  • Functionality Improvements and Upgraded Email Template: Both versions come with improved functionality and an updated email template. Enjoy emails that are visually pleasing and a better alerting system for crucial data and reports.
  • Compatible with PHP 5.6: Although updating to a newer PHP version is advised for improved speed and security.

WP Statistics Advanced Reporting
v2.2.7 (2023-05-20)

  • Reporting Streamlining: Reporting options have been optimized in WP Statistics Advanced Reporting v2.2.7. Take use of the many reporting possibilities and learn more about the functionality of your website.

To take advantage of improved features and speed, upgrade to WP Statistics v14.1.1 and WP Statistics Advanced Reporting v2.2.7. Track users’ presence in real time, take advantage of enhanced tracking and email features, and access extensive reporting choices for more accurate website research. With these most recent changes, your website statistics will improve.

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