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We just love the free WP Statistics WordPress plugin by VeronaLabs at MyMansion. It gives us advanced statistics about visitors to our website giving us valuable information. Plus, it’s so much simpler to use than the Google search console and sits right within our WordPress Dashboard. It’s GDPR compliant and instantly shows us our most popular […]


I came from the plugin Slimstats to this plugin since Slimstats seems to be no longer maintained and didn’t log everything anymore.


This plugin is really clean and neat. Site statistics and that’s it. Exactly what I was looking for.


It really suits my needs monitoring traffic in order to be efficient in my business.


Simple but effective … does what is needed and works without troubles!

Dirk Heimbürger

I use it for 3 years. It works great. Now i got the message “Die Website weist technische Schwierigkeiten auf”. But I cannot find any problems.