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WP-Statistics v12.1.3 is now available!

We’re sorry about recent issues. Now you can update to v12.1.3 and have  conflicting issues resolved. In this version, we’ve disabled Chart in Posts/Pages; because it requires more improvements in the next version. In the case of any issue, please let us know by opening a new issue in our Github page. Many thanks! Mostafa […]

Add-Ons page – Coming soon!

The extension page soon will be added to the plugin. This page includes extensions which extent the functionality of WP-Statistics plugin. In case that you’re a WordPress programmer/developer and plan to sell extensions in this page, please send us your proposals here.

Launching a new website!

  Effort was made to incorporate a modern design in the new version of the website, and now the website is ready to go! The plugin documentations are separated in several web pages to facilitate easy reading.

Settings Page

The first thing you should do after installing WP Statistics is configure the plug-in, this is accomplished through the settings page. Simply go to Statistics -> Settings to get there. The main settings page looks like this:   At the top are nine tabs, each one will be addressed separately. General Settings The General Settings […]

Main Interface

WP Statistics adds a top level menu to your admin interface in WordPress, you should see this in your main admin page (image on the left below) near the bottom of the list, clicking on it should bring up the additional items (image on the right below): Each of these options will be discussed in […]


If you wish to remove WP Statistics, you can do so using the standard WordPress tools, however WP Statistics will NOT delete the statistical data or settings from the database using this method. You can remove the data and settings by going in to the Statistics -> Settings -> Removal tab and checking the “Remove […]


Installation is straight forward, you can either use WordPress’ built in installation process or manually upload the files to the WordPress plugin directory. Once installed, go to the WordPress plugin page and activate WP Statistics. You should then configure the settings found in the following sections, at a minimum, check the sections on the GeoIP, […]

When I upgrade or install WP Statistics 11.0 I get an error message like “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_USE, expecting T_FUNCTION in…”

Since WP Statistics 11.0, PHP 5.4 or above has been required. If you are using an older version of PHP it cannot understand the new syntax included in WP Statistics 11.0 and generates a parse error. Your hosting provider should have a newer version of PHP available, sometimes you must activate it through your hosting […]

IPv6 Support

WP Statistics supports IPv6 as of version 11.0, however PHP must be compiled with IPv6 support enabled, otherwise you may see warnings when a visitor from an IPv6 address hits your site. You can check if IPv6 support is enabled in PHP by visiting the “Optimization -> Resources/Information -> Version Info- > PHP IPv6 Enabled” […]

PHP 7.1 Support

WP Statistics has not yet been tested on PHP 7.1 and reports so far (As of February 2017) indicate there are issues.  As PHP 7.1 is still relatively new it is not recommended at this time.