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Optimization Page

NOTICE: This document has been updated. For the latest version, please refer to the following links: The Optimization page will allow you to do some basic maintenance tasks related to WP Statistics. The optimization page looks like this: It has six tabs: Resources/Information The Resources/Information page has 4 subsections to it; Resources, Version Info, File […]

I’ve changed the permissions for WP Statistics access and now I’ve lost access to it myself, how to I fix it?

If you have access to phpMyAdmin (or similar tool) you can query the wp_options table: SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = ‘wp_statistics’; Then edit the value, inside the string will be something like (note: “edit_plugins” will be whatever permission you selected): s:15:”read_capability”;s:12:”edit_plugins”;s:17:”manage_capability”;s:12:”edit_plugins”; Replace it with: s:15:”read_capability”;s:14:”manage_options”;s:17:”manage_capability”;s:14:”manage_options”;