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WP Statistics REST API Add-On

As you may know by now, the REST API add-on can enable the bellow endpoints in WordPress REST API

  • browsers
  • hits
  • referrers
  • search_engines
  • summary
  • visitors
  • pages

In this article, we want to give you a head start on the Add-On and how to install it after you purchase it on the WP Statistics website.

Here is the list of actions you must take:

1. Visit your Account page → Order Page on WP Statistics

2. Download the Add-On zip file

3. Copy the License code

4. Log in to your website admin page

5. Choose Plugins Add New → Upload Plugin

6. Upload the zip file of the Add-On

7. Open the Add-On in WP Statistics → Add-ons and enter your license number

Now you are good to go! Use the plugin as you wish.