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WP Statistics Mini Chart Add-On

Mini Chart is a WordPress add-on designed to enhance the monitoring of your website’s traffic. It displays small, customizable charts for each post and page directly in the Admin Bar, allowing for quick access to traffic statistics. This tool is user-friendly and helps you gauge the effectiveness of your content with ease.

In this article, we want to give you a head start on the Add-On and how to install it after you purchase it on the WP Statistics website.

Here is the list of actions you must take:

1. Visit your Account page → Order Page on WP Statistics

2. Download the Add-On zip file

3. Copy the License code

4. Log in to your website admin page

5. Choose Plugins Add New → Upload Plugin

6. Upload the zip file of the Add-On

7. Open the Add-On in WP Statistics → Add-ons and enter your license number

Now you are good to go! Use the plugin as you wish.