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Data Sources Settings

This section of the documentation provides detailed descriptions of the settings available in the “Data Sources” section of the WP Statistics WordPress plugin. These settings allow you to configure how WP Statistics collects and manages geographic data related to your visitors.

GeoIP Settings

GeoIP Server Type

This setting allows you to select the preferred server type for GeoIP services. The server you choose will determine how the plugin identifies the geographic location of your visitors based on their IP address.

GeoIP Collection

  • Enable to collect geographic information at the country level for your site’s visitors.
  • Update Database: Click this button to manually update the GeoIP database with the latest information.

GeoIP City

  • Activate this option to also collect city-level geographic data for your visitors.
  • Update Database: Use this button to update the city-level data in your GeoIP database.

Schedule Monthly Update of GeoIP Database

By enabling this option, you allow the plugin to automatically download updates for the GeoIP database every month. This ensures that your geographic data remains accurate and up-to-date.

Update Missing GeoIP Data

Use this feature if there are gaps in your GeoIP data. Enabling this option will prompt the plugin to fill in missing data after the database has been updated.

Country Code for Private IP Addresses

This setting lets you specify a default country code for private, non-routable IP addresses. Example: You could enter “US” for the United States or “CA” for Canada. If you’re unsure of the location, use “000” to label the IP as “Unknown.”

Matomo Referrer Spam Blacklist Settings

Referrer Spam Blacklist

Turning this on integrates WP Statistics with Matomo’s Referrer Spam Blacklist, which helps to prevent spammers from affecting your site statistics by filtering out views from known spam referrers.

You can find additional details and the source of the blacklist by visiting the provided link to Matomo’s Referrer Spam Blacklist page.