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Data Management Settings

This document provides a detailed explanation of each setting available on this page to help you optimize your website’s performance and maintain the integrity of your data.

Purge Old Data Daily

Automatic Cleanup

Keeping your database optimized is key to ensuring that your website runs smoothly. Enabling this feature will automate the process of removing data entries that are older than a specified number of days. By removing stale data, you maintain a streamlined database, which can lead to improved website performance.

Use Case: If you select to enable this feature and set “Purge Data Older Than” to 90 days, the system will automatically remove any data entries that are older than 90 days, every day. This is particularly useful if you wish to maintain a recent window of analytics data without manual intervention.

Purge Data Older Than

This setting defines the age threshold of data entries to be automatically removed from your database. It’s a critical setting that allows you to balance between keeping recent, actionable data and deleting older, less useful information.

Use Case: Setting this value to ’90’ would instruct the plugin to automatically purge any data entries older than 90 days. This can help prevent your database from becoming bloated with historical data that you may no longer need for reporting or analysis.

Purge High Hit Count Visitors Daily

Automatic Cleanup

This feature is designed to automatically purge user statistics data for users with an unusually high number of hits in a day, which could indicate bot activity. By enabling this, you can keep your user statistics more accurate and representative of real user behavior.

Use Case: If you’ve noticed that your site statistics are skewed by what seems to be bot traffic, enabling this option can automatically filter out those anomalies. Once enabled, any visitor statistics showing a hit count exceeding the specified threshold can be purged, ensuring more accurate reporting.

Purge Visitors More Than

Here, you can set the threshold for the number of hits by a user in a single day to qualify them for purging. This helps in identifying and removing bot traffic, which is essential for accurate visitor statistics.

Use Case: By setting the threshold to ’50’, the plugin will purge the data of any user who views more than 50 times in a day. It’s a practical way to eliminate outliers from your data that may be bots or automated scripts rather than genuine users.