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Converting IP Addresses to Hash

Enhance user privacy on your WordPress site with WP Statistics by converting stored IP addresses to hashed values and enabling automatic hashing for new visitors. This straightforward guide walks you through each step.

Convert Stored IP Addresses to Hash

  1. Navigate to WP Statistics > Optimization.
  2. Go to the Plugin Maintenance tab.
  3. Find and click on the “Convert IP Addresses to Hash” option.
  4. Click on the “Initiate Conversion” button to start the hashing process.

Note: This function transforms all stored IP addresses into hashed values, ensuring user privacy by making the original IP addresses irretrievable. The process is designed to be privacy-compliant while allowing for accurate location-based insights. Given its potential duration, it’s recommended to perform this operation during off-peak hours.

Automatically Hash IP Addresses for New Visitors

  1. From the WP Statistics dashboard, select Settings.
  2. Access the User Data Protection tab.
  3. Locate and enable the “Hash IP Addresses” option.

Enabling this setting will automatically hash IP addresses for all new visitors, instantly safeguarding their privacy.

Learn More About Our Hashing Mechanism

For a deeper understanding of how WP Statistics hashes IP addresses, enhancing user privacy without sacrificing analytic insights, visit our detailed guide: Counting Unique Visitors Without Cookies.

By following these steps, you ensure your WordPress site respects user privacy through the secure handling of IP addresses, aligning with data protection standards and maintaining trust with your visitors.