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Access Control Settings

The “Access Control” settings in WP Statistics are designed to help you manage who has access to view and configure the statistics on your WordPress site. Understanding these settings ensures that you maintain proper control and security over your site’s data. Here’s a breakdown of each option available on the “Access Control” settings page.

Minimum Role to View Statistics

This setting determines the lowest user role that is allowed to view the WP Statistics information. By default, the role is set to manage_options, which typically corresponds to an Administrator’s capability. This means that by default, only Administrators can view the statistics.

Example Usage: If you want to allow Editors to view the statistics without changing other capabilities, you can select a role associated with the Editor level from the dropdown menu. Remember that higher roles (like Administrator) will automatically inherit this permission.

Minimum Role to Manage Settings

Similar to the view settings, this option sets the minimum user role required to modify the WP Statistics settings. It’s crucial to limit this capability to trusted roles since it involves configuration changes that can affect data collection and reporting.

Example Usage: It’s generally recommended to keep this set to manage_options to ensure only Administrates can make changes. However, if you have a trusted user with a custom role that has the manage_options capability, they will also be able to manage these settings.

Hints on Capabilities

Below the role settings, you’ll find helpful hints regarding the typical associations between WordPress capabilities and user roles. These are important for understanding how to configure the above settings appropriately.

  • manage_network usually corresponds to a Super Admin in a multisite network.
  • manage_options is an Administrator capability.
  • edit_others_posts is commonly associated with the Editor role.
  • publish_posts is a capability given to Authors.

Example Usage: If your site has custom roles or you’ve adjusted the default capabilities for each role, refer to these hints to select the right capability for viewing and managing WP Statistics.

Additional Recommendations

  • Capability Manager Enhanced Plugin: If the default roles and capabilities don’t meet your needs or you want more granular control over who can do what, consider using the Capability Manager Enhanced plugin.