Important Update for WP Statistics Users: PHP Version Requirement Changes

We’re committed to providing our WP Statistics plugin users with the best experience, ensuring compatibility, security, and performance are at their peak. With technological advancements and to maintain our promise, we’re making an essential update to our PHP version requirements.

New PHP Version Requirement

Starting from Version 15 of the WP Statistics plugin, PHP 7.2 or higher will be required. This update is crucial to harness the latest in security features, performance improvements, and to ensure compatibility with modern web technologies.

Why This Change Is Important

PHP, the scripting language that powers WordPress and many of its plugins, including WP Statistics, is continuously improved by its developers. Each new version brings enhancements, including critical security fixes that protect your site from vulnerabilities. WordPress itself requires PHP 7.4 or greater, highlighting the importance of keeping PHP up to date for a secure and efficient website environment.

If Your PHP Version Is Below 7.2

If you’re running on a PHP version older than 7.2, it’s not just about compatibility with WP Statistics — your site’s security might be at risk. Older PHP versions no longer receive security updates, making your site vulnerable to potential threats.

How to Check Your PHP Version

Wondering which PHP version your site is currently using? It’s easy to check:

  1. Log in to your WP Admin Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Site Health.
  3. Check the “Info” tab for details about your server, including the PHP version.

How to Update Your PHP Version

If you find that your PHP version is below 7.2, we strongly advise contacting your web hosting provider to request an upgrade. Most hosting providers are equipped to assist with this upgrade, ensuring minimal disruption to your website.

Thank you for your attention to this important update. Together, we can ensure your site remains secure, efficient, and fully compatible with the latest web standards.

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