WP Statistics v13.0 Is Now Available!

Welcome to WP Statistics v13.0, our biggest update! Thank you for being part of our community. We’ve been working hard for one year to develop this version and make WP Statistics better for you. Before updating, make sure you disabled all your add-ons, then after that, try to update add-ons. Here are a bunch of things we added, fixed, and improved in this version:

New Features

  • New error logs system: This new feature allows website owners to track and troubleshoot errors that occur with the WP Statistics plugin.
  • Ability to change visitors’ data based on WordPress hook: This new feature allows website owners to customize how WP Statistics collects and stores data about visitors.
  • Ability to manage the plugin based on WP-CLI: This new feature allows website owners to manage the WP Statistics plugin without having to access the WordPress dashboard.
  • Link to show user’s location’s coordinates on Google Map: This new feature allows website owners to see the exact location of their visitors on Google Maps.
  • Advanced filters in the page of WordPress website visitors list: This new feature allows website owners to filter their visitor data in a variety of ways, such as by country, city, and referral source.
  • Class of sending standard email reports in the WordPress: This new feature allows website owners to send standard email reports with their website statistics to a specified email address.
  • Ability to get WordPress users in the database record: This new feature allows website owners to get a list of all WordPress users in the database record.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed recording visitors data problem when the cache plugin is installed.
  • Fixed exclusion problem in Ajax requests mode.
  • Fixed REST-API requests problem in JavaScript mode without jQuery library.
  • Fixed the issue of limiting the number of database table records.
  • Fixed the problem of getting WordPress page type in taxonomy mode.
  • Fixed display of visitor history for yesterday and today.


  • Improved widget information based on REST-API
  • Optimized and troubleshot database tables after an interval of one day
  • Improved plugin information deleting operation
  • Improved receiving country and city visitors information based on WordPress cache IP
  • Improved display plugin management menus list in WordPress
  • Improved search engine display in the mode of referring users from the search engine to the website
  • Improved widgets display and Ajax loading capability
  • Improved loading of JS files based on plugin-specific pages

Thank you for all of your positive reviews that made us motivated and help us grow.

If you encounter any bugs, please create an issue on Github where we can act upon them more efficiently. Just please note that Github is not a support forum, just bugs are welcomed, and any other request will be closed.

For any other questions, you can use our support center.

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