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Optimization Page

The Optimization page will allow you to do some basic maintenance tasks related to WP Statistics. The optimization page looks like this:   It has six tabs; Resources/Information, Export, Purging, Database, Updates and Historical. Resources/Information The Resources/Information page has 4 subsections to it; Resources, Version Info, File Info and Client Info.   Resources The Resources […]

Settings Page

The first thing you should do after installing WP Statistics has configured the plugin, this is accomplished through the settings page. Simply go to Statistics -> Settings to get there. The main settings page looks like this:   At the top are nine tabs; each one will be addressed separately. General Settings The General Settings […]

Dashboard Widgets

WP Statistics includes several dashboard widgets you can add if you have read access to WP Statistics. By default, the dashboard widgets are not displayed, except the Quick Stats widget. Users can individually enable them through the “Screen Options” drop-down in the WordPress dashboard. The dashboard widgets mirror the Overview page widgets with the following […]

Main Interface

WP Statistics adds a top-level menu to your admin interface in WordPress; you should see this in your main admin page (image on the left below) near the bottom of the list, clicking on it should bring up the additional items (image on the right below): Each of these options will be discussed in the […]