WP Statistics 12.5.1 is going to surprise you!

Thanks to your encouragement and helpful feedback, new changes and features have been added to the new version of the WP Statistics plugin. This version of the plugin is going to surprise you with your frequently requested features from us. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Know the cities of the visitors from your website

It’s definitely significant for some businesses to know about their customers’ demographic data to put more effort into acquiring customers from these areas.

You have already been capable of knowing the countries of the visitors by the plugin. This time, use the plugin to know their cities to channel your marketing effort through these locations.

city recognition in wp statistics plugin city recognition in wp statistics plugin

Get The Plugin’s Short Codes in the editor

Generate shortcodes easily and enjoy them in the editor.

WP Statistics Shortcodes                                    WP Statistics Shortcodes


Support Cache, updated!

WP-Statistics used to not give statistics with some of caching plugins. In this version, you can use WP-Statistics with all caching plugins without any problem. You should only enable cache plugin support in the settings.

Crawler recognition has improved

Crawler recognition has improved in WP-Statistics 12.5.1. Using whichbrowser library, the robots and crawlers can be recognized faster now.

We hope you enjoy these new features, and let us get better with your worthy feedback.

By the way…

Do you know about our Add-ons?

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